One Hand On The Night

by Marc Farre

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Chazaloo I love how Marc's voice and words burrow into my ear/brain/heart, and the dark, brooding textures and rhythms of the bass and drums, the guitar and banjo. Favorite track: One Hand on the Night.
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Fresh and seemingly in his own world, Marc Farre writes dark, poetically understated songs delivered in a penetrating baritone, occasionally singing in fluent French. (He offers fiery interpretations of Gainsbourg and Baudelaire, among his own lyrics.)

Farre’s latest offering, ONE HAND ON THE NIGHT, distills the essence of his style and digs deep into a kind of a transcendent, primeval beat.

Marc Farre’s music carries a European, art-house feel — an enigmatic ambience well paired with the rhythms and magnetic melodies that seem to flow naturally from him. His voice, like his lyrics, is deep, intimate, and intensely compelling.

While Farre’s past association with 20th-century giants Merce Cunningham and John Cage continues to drive his creative vision toward the new, it is his visceral, open-hearted singing that really carries you out onto a tightrope — and leaves you there.


released November 11, 2010

A large number of incredibly gifted artists worked on this CD. For details of who did what where, click on the individual song!


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Track Name: A Waterfall
turn off the light
come greet the night
come meet the things that hide

a photograph
a winding path
a song that pulls inside

you walk alone
through fields of stone
through lives and loves and days

and tired eyes
and suicides
as long as you can stay

I wanted you
you want me too
I see what’s in the way

a waterfall
cuts through it all
try not to wash away

into the flow
waving as you go
love love love love…

a silent sky
a song and I—
there’s something we can’t see

a secret light
cuts through the night
and drilling right through me

like the moon
bleeds into this room
love love love love me too

all in a dream
pull out the seams
love love love love love

turn off the light
turn off the light
turn off the light
Track Name: Chanson du Forçat
Qui ne s'est jamais laissé enchaîner
Ne saura jamais ce qu'est la liberté
Moi oui je le sais
Je suis un évadé

Faut-il pour voir un jour un ciel tout bleu
Supporter un ciel noir trois jours sur deux
Je l'ai supporté
Je suis un évadé

Faut-il vraiment se laisser emprisonner
Pour connaître le prix de la liberté
Moi je le connais
Je suis un évadé

Est-il nécessaire de perdre la vue
Pour espérer des soleils disparus
Je les vois briller
Je suis un évadé

Qui ne s'est jamais laissé enchaîner
Ne saura jamais ce qu'est la liberté
Moi oui je le sais
Je suis un évadé
Je suis un évadé
Track Name: One Hand on the Night
the road
the signs on the road
the words on the signs on the road
the lights on the words on the signs on the road
the cars and the lights on the words on the signs on the road

driving home late
across the state
thinking of you

one hand on my heart
one hand on the wheel
one hand on the dial
one hand on the night

driving home late
across the state
the window’s open
it’s very late
thinking of you

and the filling station man
looks like a friend you used to know
you thought he was dead years ago
dead like a thing on the road

driving home late
across the state
thinking of you
thinking of you
Track Name: La Plaie et le Couteau
Je te frapperai sans colère

Et sans haine, comme un boucher,
Comme Moïse le rocher

Et je ferai de ta paupière

Pour abreuver mon Sahara

Jaillir les eaux de la souffrance
Sur tes pleurs salés nagera
Mon désir gonflé d'espérance

Comme un vaisseau qui prend le large
Et dans mon cœur qu'ils souleront

Tes chers sanglots retentiront

Comme un tambour qui bat la charge!

Elle est dans ma voix, la criarde!
C'est tout mon sang ce poison noir!
Je suis, je suis le sinistre miroir

Où la mégère se regarde

Je suis la plaie et le couteau!

Je suis le soufflet et la joue!

Je suis les membres je suis la roue
Et la victime et le bourreau!
Et ma victime et mon bourreau